Why Should Roses Be Gifted For Valentine’s Day?

Have you ever given it a thought, why do we prefer roses over any other flower? Although there are many ancient stories about giving roses on Valentine’s Day, the more valid reason is Its everlasting beauty. Whether you wish to confess your love or try to impress your crush, no other flower would be more heart-throbbing than roses. Roses are beautiful and fragmented, and they also stay fresh for a long time. So, if you want to send a rose bouquet over a long distance, there won’t be any problem.

Are You Looking For The Best Roses for Valentine’s Day?

We all know Red roses are the best romantic flowers for Valentine’s Day, as they red roses symbolize eternal love and passionate romance. But there are also many other flowers with their very own significant meanings.

Send your lover the perfect color’s rose to tell him/her about your feelings without saying anything.  Now, let’s have a look at the different rose colors and their associated meanings –

Let Us Look At The Rose Color Meanings

Dark Pink

A gorgeous dark pink bouquet of roses signifies admiration and gratefulness. Pink roses are also meant for sweet romance. Gift a dark pink rose to your crush as a token of thank you for coming into your life.


Green symbolizes luxury, affluence, and also life and spirit. Sending a bouquet of green rose flowers will let your lover know about your excitement for the new beginning.


The lavender-colored rose shows love at first sight. This flower will perfectly tell your partner about your true feelings.


The vibrant orange color rose signifies the happiness that someone brings to your life and their importance in your life. It also symbolizes true friendship.

Pale Peach

This flower symbolizes honesty. Pale peach rose is truly a modest color. Show your girlfriend your appreciation through this rose. A peach-colored rose also shows sincerity and gives tour genuine feeling for your partner.


The magnificent purple-colored rose gives you the feeling of royalty. This flower is perfect for telling your partner how valuable they are in your life.


 The classy red rose is priceless and a favorite of many lovers. This color signifies passionate love and romance. All the lovers express their love on Valentine’s Day with a red rose in hand.


Salmon-colored roses signify enthusiastic nature, admiration, and innocent love. 


White roses are as popular as red ones. It symbolizes pure love. Mostly it is used as a wedding bouquet. White stands for unity. White is an honorable flower. Hence that’s why people also use it at funerals or while saying goodbye to their dear ones.  


It sometimes gets used during funerals; black roses symbolize death and unpleasant situations. Besides its sad meaning, black roses also send a positive message of new arrivals and big life changes.


Blue roses stand for impossibility and secrecy. Give your crush blue roses to tell them how unique and extraordinary they are. Blue roses also signify secret love.


This flower symbolizes mesmerizing beauty. Burgundy represents true passion and love. Send this flower to your lover to let them know you are passionate about them.

Cherry Brandy

A bouquet of cherry brandy roses implies to you only that one person. You only care about them and will never leave them in this world.


 The coral color rose signifies strength and willingness. It’s a perfect choice to let your partner know that you’re proud of them.


Cream-colored roses are truly a charming one. A bouquet of cream-colored roses will reflect your thinking about them and your care. 


Yellow roses imply delightfulness and admiration towards your partner. These colored flowers don’t represent any romance but positivity. Our flower delivery Geensboro NC will help you to get or send the flowers on the same day.


The unique rainbow roses signify great pleasure. In this flower, different parts show different meanings. At the same time, pink shows true love, and purple stands for majesty. 

Red and White

The mixture of these two colors will create passion for your love. Here the Red shows eternal love, and on the other side, white shows morality and pure nature. This would be the perfect flower to compliment your partner.

For centuries, people have been celebrating Valentine’s Day, and to make it more meaningful, we give our loved ones a bouquet of beautiful roses and share our feelings.