Why Should You Sell Your Old Zari Silk Sarees?

It has been observed that people who love sarees have a few wardrobes full of them. A good quality saree is not something that you can buy for cheap. If you are someone who loves pure zari silk and kanjeevaram silk saree, you will at least have to shell out over 20,000 INR to purchase a single saree. When a person gets married, they usually buy 20-30 sarees or more depending on their preferences. However, this is not the only time a person purchases sarees. A saree is something that is bought every year for numerous occasions. There is a chance you may be bored of your old sarees by now. Many people have saris which they do not wish to wear but do not know what to do with them either.

Don’t you wish that you could resell your Kanjipuram old silk saree and use the money to buy some new ones? This way, you can keep your wardrobe looking fresh with the latest designs and prints of sarees. Those who worry that this option is not viable can put their minds to rest. This is an extremely viable option, and it’s actually in effect. You can sell your old silk sarees to one of the most trusted silk saree buyers online. This way, you will not even have to leave your house and go shopping. You will also have the option of comparing prices from different sellers before deciding which seller you wish to sell your saree to. If you’re planning to sell sarees in Telangana, you should check out They offer amazing prices for old pure zari silk sarees. They are very reputed, and you can sell your sarees to them without any hassle. They will come to your residence to pick up the sari and ensure a smooth return if the saree test fails or not satisfied with the selling price.

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If you wish to sell used sarees in Andhra, Oldzari has a warehouse there. All you must do is visit the Oldzari website and add a pickup request. You will be asked to pack up your saree in a pouch. Once you pack your item in a package that they sent, They will send their courier partner to pick up the same from your location. Once the saree is taken to their warehouse, tested, and qualifies for the quality test, oldzari will upload the details on their website for potential buyers to purchase.

The primary advantage of selling your old sarees online is that there is no hassle of running around different shops to compare the prices offered and there is no middle man. Oldzari conducts its business in a very safe and client-friendly manner. They are always ready to help if the client faces any problems, and the payout is quick and efficient.

So why are you storing all those old silk zari sarees that you do not plan to wear in your wardrobe? Go to and sell them off at the best price. Keep your saree wardrobe looking fresh and in live with the latest trends.