Why Velvet is Commonly Used for Dress Making

Velvet is a fabric that has a pile, or nap, similar to corduroy. The pile may be of different heights, typically short and long, lending a distinctive visual texture. Velvet can have an almost furry appearance, because of its thick weave.

The word velvet comes from Middle English veluet and possibly derives from Old French velours. In French “velours” means “velvet”, while “velours” means “velvet”, and so it’s sometimes possible to find garments described as “velvet jackets”. However, the term more likely comes from Old Italian velluto (from Latin pellis), meaning ‘leather’.

Velvet is commonly used as dressmaking fabric. Velvet comes in different colours and textures, but it’s usually made with a woven pile. This pile can be made of many different materials, including silk, wool, or synthetic fibres.

The pile is knotted up and then cut to create the velvet fabric. The pile on velvet fabrics can be very thick and plushy or thin and soft.

Velvets are often used as evening wear because they are so luxurious looking and feel great against the skin. They are also used for other types of clothing because they add an elegant touch to any garment that can make even the most simple outfit look more stylish.

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The main benefit of velvet is that it drapes well which means that it hangs on your body nicely and will not cling to your curves or bulges in an unflattering way. This makes velvet suitable for all body types regardless of size or shape. Another benefit of velvet is its ability to hide imperfections such as wrinkles or lumps and bumps on your skin so that you won’t have to worry about those things showing through when wearing velvet clothing.

Velvets are also very durable compared to other fabrics like cotton or linen because they don’t wrinkle easily or fade in colour when exposed to sunlight or water. You’ll find velvet dresses in just about every colour imaginable from black through reds and greens all the way to turquoise blue or purple hues!

Velvet dresses are comfortable – Velvet is one of the most comfortable fabrics that can be worn next to the skin because it absorbs moisture well and doesn’t cling to the body like other materials do when they become wet or sweaty. This makes it ideal for hot summer days when temperatures soar above 90°F (32°C), as well as cold winter months when most people prefer not to wear heavy clothing like wool.

The best known velvet fabrics are made from silk. Silk velvet was once known as Taffeta Silk because it was made with a Taffeta weave structure but now it is generally used for dressmaking to give an opulent look to clothes and accessories.