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Why You Should Always Carry a Compact Hairbrush

If you don’t carry a compact hairbrush with you all the time, you’re missing out on not only keeping your hair in place but protecting it too. Brushing your hair is more than about styling it, although that’s a key point, it’s also about keeping your hair healthy.

If you don’t carry a hairbrush with you (a compact brush), here are the reasons you should consider it. 

You Should Brush your Hair at Least Twice a Day

At a minimum, brush your hair twice a day. This isn’t only for looks, but to distribute the natural oils in your scalp throughout your hair. If you don’t wash your hair every day (which you shouldn’t), the oils can build up on your scalp, giving you that oily look.

If you brush your hair twice a day, though, it evenly distributes the oils, leaving you with fresh-looking hair and not giving any signs it hasn’t been washed in days.

You Should Detangle your Hair Often

Brushing your hair and detangling it are two different things. Even though you use a brush both times – brushing means you brush from scalp to ends, getting every strand of hair. This you should do twice a day as we said above.

Detangling, however, you can do multiple times a day – as often as needed. Detangling is more about getting rid of the tangles at the ends of your hair. Sometimes you may have to go a little higher, especially if you let your tangles sit for a few hours, but if you keep up with it, you can brush out the ends, eliminate the tangles and move on with your day.

A Compact Hairbrush is Light Enough for any Bag

If you’re trying to keep your bag light, a compact hairbrush is just what you need. Too many women skip carrying the hairbrush because the full-size option is too bulky and heavy. But then how do you detangle your hair or fix it on a windy day?

When you carry a compact brush, you don’t overcrowd your purse/bag or make it too heavy. It’s just the right size to fix your hair while not taking up too much room or making you feel like you’re bag is too heavy.

You Want to Keep your Hairstyle Looking Good

Running around doing errands, running after the kids, and working all take its toll on your hair. The last thing you want is to look in the mirror after a long day and wonder who it is looking back at you.

When you carry a portable brush, you can keep your hairstyle looking nice. Even if you just need a couple of touchups or your hair needs a complete overhaul, you’ll be grateful for the brush. 

They are also great for the times you want to change your hairstyle from wearing it down to putting it up in a ponytail or messy bun. There’s nothing worse than looking at bumps in your hair because you tried to smooth it out with your fingers.

It’s Great for the Kids

Kids get messy all the time and that includes their hair. Running around, playing, and just being a kid creates tangles. If you wait until the end of the day to brush your hair, you’ll have a tangled mess that hurts them when you brush.

To end the nighttime battles of brushing out hair, carry a compact hairbrush with you all the time and give your child’s hair a quick brush a few times a day. You’ll be glad you did at nighttime!

Don’t Leave Home without a Portable Brush

A compact hairbrush is a must-have for every woman’s purse, diaper bag, or backpack. If you don’t want to carry it around with you, stash it in the middle console in your car and/or the drawers at your work desk.

Always having a way to detangle your hair, smooth it out, and make it look good will be the best boost of confidence you can give yourself. Enjoy beautiful, detangled hair all the time and always look and feel your best.