You Can Get Hairline Tattoos, Learn About Them

Despite the fact that such things existed, it was incredibly difficult to spot them. In recent years, however, hair tattoo has come into the spotlight thanks to Married At First Sight, otherwise known as the show where love goes to die.

As a bald contestant, Mike Gunner was plagued by rumours that he had a hairline tattooed onto his scalp, a rumor that gained traction the moment he appeared on screen to the suspicious eye of a few very knowledgeable and hypercritical viewers.

Hairline Tattoos Are What They Sound Like.

Micropigmentation of the scalp, also known as hairline tattooing, is an advanced cosmetic pigmentation method. The procedure involves injecting pigments into the scalp during an extremely intricate procedure, much like traditional tattooing.

Males suffer from hair loss in large numbers, and there are several options available to slow it down or to treat it. Several of these options are extremely expensive, particularly if you’re considering undergoing a hair transplant or investing in products that maintain your existing hair.  Depending on your skin tone and hair color, your scalp pigmentation may differ from these options.

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Do You Just Have A Tattoo On Your Head?

In terms of the needle and type of ink used, scalp micropigmentation differs from tattooing. Tattoo needles tend to be large, making them impractical in terms of Reproducing the texture and look of tiny hair follicles with precision. Microneedles are used in hairline tattoos, not painted dots.

Likewise, tattoos penetrate five layers into the skin, while micropigmentation only penetrates two layers. Since pigment goes deeper into the skin, the more likely it is to lose its round shape and spread out, resulting in an unnatural appearance. Keeping the pigmentation shallow allows practitioners to shape it, while keeping it deep enough to ensure permanence.

Are There Any Considerations You Need To Make?

These days, the equipment used and the experience of the practitioners are the most important aspects to consider prior to treatment. It is possible to get scalp micropigmentation in a number of places, but the equipment used will vary.

Additionally, scalp micropigmentation is not just for those who are bald. Alternatives include soft hairline tattooing, widowed peak tattooing, the “Edge Up” (also known as the “Jamie Foxx”), or adding density to thinning hair.

What Is The Treatment Process?

A typical treatment consists of three sessions, with the first session being a consultation to determine what style is best for your hair type. A conservative approach is taken in the first treatment session, laying the groundwork for the future. Your scalp may appear red after the procedure, but the downtime is short, with your scalp returning to normal within a day.

During the second treatment, practitioners are able to add more detail and darken the shade slightly. Now your new look truly comes to life and is finished. Should a client wish to go darker, a third procedure may be performed, but it is rare.

Ink is carefully matched to your natural hair color before it is implanted into the affected area. Furthermore, practitioners tend to use a darker shade than your natural colour as it creates the illusion of a shadow and the appearance of natural hair that is three-dimensional.