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Your Pocket Square Etiquette For 2021

A pocket square is a small rectangular fabric that fits comfortably within your coat’s chest pocket, adding a fashionable touch of fabric to create a visual appeal. A pocket square is an easy way of improving your outfit effortlessly.

To put it more simply, when you blow your nose you use a handkerchief to clean up spills, or smear sweat on your forehead. The purpose of a pocket square is fashion, which is used to express your style, creating a dashing golden age look, adding sparkle to a very dull suit.

When to wear a pocket square?

The pocket square has historically become a necessity for guests attending formal engagements and dinner parties. Today, the classic pocket square trend remains on some occasions: a white pocket square, handkerchief-style, formed into a flat fold. You will realise that not wearing a men’s pocket squares is like getting dressed without wearing your shoes once you become a regular pocket square user.

There is still room for creativity in your style and shift it beyond the traditional white pocket square norm, even within the context of formal attire.

Choose a pocket square that is only a shade or brighter than your suit and make it a flat fold or anything that creates just a little bit of contrast, like polka dots dark brown square, if you like to go with a more classic look.

Can pocket squares and ties match?

Another concern you sometimes pose is whether you can match your pocket square and tie. Well, it is no. Although it may sound like a simple way to match your outfit, it’s a no, in modern dress to match your bow tie, tie or pocket square.

Instead, complementing the rest of your look is the purpose of a pocket square. Either by contrasting or harmonising to your other accessories. While some stores even offer matching men’s pocket squares and tie kits. It’s a sensible move not to match it if you would like to be at the top of your fashion.

For example, if your pocket square does have a print or pattern, then take a colour from that palette to bring your style together and match it into your ties’ colour scheme.

What are the pocket square rules?

A useful pocket square guide is provided below on how to choose your pocket square:

  • White squares fit for any tie, jacket combination and colour. So with a white pocket square, you will never really have it wrong.
  • Match the occasion to your fold. Stick to one or two-point folds or flat folds for formal events while using more contrast with a classic puff fold or maybe one of the flashier folds for some casual occasions.
  • If you are using a silk pocket square, ensure that it’s over 16 inches, 40cm x 40cm. For something less than that, the fine material is prone to slip through your pocket.
  • Don’t match your pocket square or tie directly.
  • Do not overdo the patterns. Make sure that certain clothing items are plain colours that highlight your tie or pocket square colours.
  • Since your pocket square is a primary colour, choose a secondary colour for your tie or coat.


Consider the suit’s pattern if you want to go for a more colourful pattern, depending on your taste. In that case, the more formal etiquette will be perfect with a simple pocket square design that provides harmony to your overall attire.