The Best Villas in Goa for a Relaxing Vacation

The Western Ghats physically divide the state of Goa from the Deccan highlands, located on the southwest coast of India inside the Konkan area. With the Arabian Sea forming its western coast, it is situated between the Indian states of Maharashtra, north and Karnataka, east and south. By size, it is the smallest, and by population, Goa is the fourth-smallest state in India. Panaji is the capital, and Vasco Da Gama is the largest city of Goa.

Because of its pristine, white sand beaches, vibrant nightlife, places of worship, and World Heritage-listed architecture, Goa attracts a sizable number of local and foreign tourists each year. Due to its proximity to the North Western Ghats jungles, one of the world’s unique biodiversity hotspots, it also boasts a diverse range of flora and wildlife.

Best Time to Visit Goa

The best period to visit Goa is mid-November to mid-February due to its calm, comfortable and pleasant weather. It is an apt time to relax on the beaches of Goa with other tourists from around the globe. The cheapest time to visit Goa is usually in November. People book villas in Goa to relax and rejuvenate.

Luxury Villas in Goa

Different villas with various amenities offer lodging at reasonable rates to visitors. A villa in Goa can cost between 5,000 to 50,000 INR or even more, depending on the facilities and the luxuries you want. The most luxurious ones offer services like a salon and spa, gym, sauna, jacuzzi, an infinity pool, and laundry. Some private pool villas in Goa are pricey but highly luxurious, with an in-built jacuzzi and a private mini-bar.

Homestay in Goa

In a homestay, you are treated like a guest, whereas in a hotel, you are treated like a paying customer. So what exactly is a homestay, then? Homestay is a type of local lodging where a visitor stays with a family in their home in a different surrounding neighbourhood. More than 600 homestays in Goa offer lodging at excellent discounts.

Luxury Villas in Goa for Rent️ with Private Pool - Best 80+

Cottages in Goa

Cottages in Goa are let out on rent, starting from nearly 2,000 INR and going up to 40,000 INR. People choose beach-side cottages for a different and rustic getaway in Goa. These cottages also provided comfort and basic amenities.


There are numerous options available in Goa for a perfect stay. You can choose either a villa for rent, a cottage, or a homestay. Whatever you choose, you will surely experience the best time of your life since Goa is where you can live life king-size. The scenic beauty and the hospitality of the local people are sure to mesmerize you.

If you’re in the mood to have real fun, you should go to the smallest state in the country, Goa. Goa has many activities to do, like participating in extreme sports on the beaches, going to casinos, shopping in open markets, and visiting forts and cathedrals. So do visit Goa with your family and friends and enjoy your stay at Goa’s luxurious villas and cottages.