Author: joycebailey

5 Qualities Of A Great Wedding Planner

Wedding planning isn’t a child’s play. It’s not a rocket science either, but it’s certainly not as easy as planning a road trip or moving home. Quite frankly, you cannot compare any of the services you get every day, because this profession has only one challenge – to make you feel happy and satisfied. Unlike […]

How To Make Sure You Bought The Perfect Wedding Ring

There is nothing better than tying the knot with an engagement ring. Engagement is quite a romantic event in everyone’s relationship life. However, selecting an engagement ring is not an easy thing to do. Buying the rings comes later, first you need to understand the basic needs of your partner and her wish for an […]

Choosing Wedding Destination with Help of Destination Planner in Toronto

When you think about your wedding, what do you envision your venue to be? Perhaps you are thinking that your venue should be in a garden or perhaps you would like to be wed at the beach. Your wedding will highly depend on you and what you want. If you are having trouble with making […]

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